Chrisi's Philosophy about dog training


REINFORCE behaviors you like and they will increase

INTERRUPT behaviors you dislike and they will decrease.

TRAIN an alternate response to the behavior you do not like. Example: If you do not like your dog sitting on the couch then train him to lay in his dog bed instead.

I use verbal markers in our training. (reward-based training)

It’s a simple concept from the researcher Ivan Pavlow.

Beside verbal markers for Obedience etc. I use also a clicker for tricks, dog dancing and Freestyle Training.

I train only intimidation free ways.

You and your dog have to get a Team and trust each other.

Engagement is at the core of every aspect of training. It is fundamental to developing a working relationship with your dog.

Through Engagement you will be able to develop a dog that actively references you in any context and situation.  You will become central to your dog's education and life experiences. The training process will become a joy for both. It is from this foundation that you will be able to develop a deep, dynamic, and successful training and life partnership with your dog. 

My sunshine doesn’t come from the Sky.

It comes from the love in my animal's eyes